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Become a Food Hero at home

Get creative around the home

Are you throwing out food that could be used for something other than eating? Lots of food that usually gets binned can actually be used in beauty and cleaning products. Why not try one of these recipes or get crafty with the kids on a rainy day (because let’s face it, in Scotland we have plenty of them)! 

Beauty hacks

Homemade coffee scrub in a glass jar over coconut shell and coffee beans

Homemade face and body scrub

Are you spending a small fortune on beauty products when there’s a cost effective – and waste saving – way to make your own? Using leftover coffee grounds from your morning brew is a great way to divert food waste from landfill whilst also creating your own bespoke beauty products. Full of health properties such as antioxidants, used coffee grounds are cheap, great for your skin, and perfect for using in numerous at home concoctions. Why not try this simple recipe, or get creative with your own body scrub flavour combinations? 

Great for: Individuals, students, friends


Homemade coffee hair masks

In need of a bit of a pampering or looking for a fun new natural beauty hack to try out with friends? Why not try creating your own waste coffee hair mask? Coffee hair masks are great for boosting circulation in the scalp and adding a glossy sheen to your locks. With seven different recipes, each with their own hair benefits, there’s plenty of ways this leftover product can be transformed into a bathroom cupboard must-have.  

Great for: Individuals, students, friends

Household hacks

air freshener and window cleaner and lemon on a metal surface on a blue background

Citrus peel kitchen cleaner

One of the most commonly wasted household food items are citrus peels. Whether it’s from squeezing fresh lemon or lime when adding a zing to your meal, or orange and tangerine peels leftover from snacking, citrus peels are often tossed into the bin without so much as a second thought. Until now. Infusing white household vinegar with leftover citrus peels and all of their irresistibly fragrant essential oils, is a quick, easy, waste saving way to create your own kitchen cleaner.  

Great for: individuals, students, families

briquette used coffee grounds from espresso machine in plastic box, component of soap making for texture and aroma effect

Deodorising unwanted smells in fridges, microwaves, and smelly shoes!

Let’s face it, sometimes things get smelly. Be it leftovers that have been forgotten about in the back of the fridge, or a shoe rack that’s seen its fair share of sweaty footwear - from time to time we could all do with a natural solution to getting rid of bad smells. Enter used coffee grounds! Yes, really. This household waste product is an effective neutraliser of bad odours at no extra cost and no nasty chemicals to the environment. As an added bonus, this website also has a whole host of other ideas for your used coffee too.  

Great for: everyone quite frankly!

Gardening hacks

During lockdown the sale of houseplants skyrocketed and queues at garden centres were something to rival some of the most exclusive clubs around. Whether you’re newly green fingered, or have been tending to your flower patch for some time, did you know that you can use your leftover coffee grounds as a natural fertiliser?

But it’s not only coffee that can help boost your plants…

Move over cats and dogs, there’s a new prized pet in town: the humble worm. Worm farms are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a great solution to dealing with your family food scraps, whilst fertilising soil you can use on your beloved houseplants. They’re a great way to get kids involved in food waste, don’t need a lot of attention, and are a gardening goldmine.

Great for: individuals, families, students, plant lovers

boy holds a red worm

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