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Become a Food Hero at home

Welcome to Plate up for Glasgow’s ultimate guide for reducing food waste in the home.

Helping you to make a difference one dish at a time.  

We’ve put together some tips, tricks, and handy hacks for anyone who’s interested in reducing their food waste at home. And if you’ve made it this far, chances are that means YOU!

Whether it’s something that’s never crossed your mind before, or you’re already a dab hand at waste prevention and just looking for new ways to get creative, these resources have you covered.

Dad, Mom and their little daughter cooking bolognese sauce for spaghetti in the kitchen, there is steam escaping from the pan on cooking plate

Why do we care so much about food waste?

Food waste is a major global social, environmental, and economic problem, but is often overlooked or forgotten. Plate up for Glasgow’s aim is to bring the issue of food waste back into focus.

We’re encouraging everyone to make small changes in the kitchen to help reduce how much food is thrown in the bin. Here’s why…

Did you know...

33% of food is wasted before it even reaches our plates.

This can happen during harvesting, processing, transportation, storage and retail. 

Food waste is a bigger cause of climate change than plastics.

Methane, released into the atmosphere from food decomposing in landfill, has over 21 times more warming power than CO2. 

Almost two-thirds of Scottish food waste comes from households.

Scottish households throw away 630,000 tonnes of food waste every year. 

Food waste costs Scotland over £1 billion a year…

…that’s roughly £470 per household. 

 Sources: Scale of Scotland’s food waste challenge, Zero Waste Scotland report. Wrap: The Food we waste in Scotland. 

Interested in finding out how you can reduce your food waste – and save some money?

If Plate up for Glasgow has whet your appetite (sorry!) for change and got you thinking about some of your food habits, then look no further.  

For ideas on how to make small changes in the home that would make a big difference to the planet – and your purse – why not explore our ideas pages?  

From ultimate go-to hacks that will completely change your kitchen game, to creative ways for using leftover food other than eating it, we’ve got you covered.   

Short on time?

The absolute go-to for handy hacks

What to eat?

Surprising food that is actually edible

Try something new

Low waste kitchen techniques

Not just for your tummy

Get creative with food waste around the home!

Dreaming of a holiday?

Meet the zero-waste bars and restaurants from around the world

Get involved

Have you given any of our tips a go? Or have you got some creative suggestions of your own that we might have missed? Tell us about it!  

We want to see how innovative you’ve been in tackling food waste at home, so don’t be shy - tag us on Instagram @plateupforglasgow or upload your photos using the hashtag #plateupforglasgow 

We can’t wait to hear your food waste saving stories! 


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