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Making a difference one dish at a time

12 October - 12 November 2021

What is Plate up for Glasgow?

Plate up for Glasgow is a hospitality industry led campaign scheduled to coincide with COP26, in November 2021.  Piloted by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce through its Circular Glasgow initiative and funded by Experience Glasgow Food and Drink Regional Group, the campaign aims to highlight and encourage hospitality businesses to act upon the global issue of food waste and its impact on climate change.

The campaign’s ambition is to challenge traditional and wasteful dining and takeaway business models with the goal of sending as little organic waste as possible to landfill. It is hoped that businesses can rebuild the local economy, while collaborating on how to become more sustainable and profitable. Some of the city's best chefs will also share tips and offer advice on how to reduce food waste and highlight the many benefits of buying locally and seasonally.

If you’re a local restaurant, cafe, bar, or takeaway why not join some of the city’s most loved food and drink venues already signed up?


“Plate up for Glasgow offers a real opportunity to showcase our city’s culinary innovations to visitors from all over the world - and moving to more modern and sustainable methods within our cooking, service, manufacturing and supply chains is the next logical step as we look to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Jonathan MacDonald, Chef Patron of Ox and Finch

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For hospitality

Get started with our Hospitality Toolkit which includes tips, resources and advice to support your application.

For consumers


Diners can look forward to sampling a whole range of sustainable Food Hero dishes and drinks from 12 October – 12 November. Venue bookings open soon!  

Meet the partners


"If we all adopted just one small change, we’d dramatically reduce the amount of food waste ending up in landfill, making a significant difference with minimum effort."

Alison McRae, Senior Director,
Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

During the pandemic, our city’s hospitality industry has found itself having to innovate, adapt and re-evaluate, where possible, in a bid to survive. Another noticeable shift has been businesses taking the time to look at their supply chains and food resource journey.

Most of us don’t realise it, but wasting food is a major contributor to climate change. It isn’t just the leftovers on our plate to consider but the many resources that go into producing our food!  We are encouraging businesses and consumers alike to get involved with the Plate up for Glasgow project as our city continues to deliver innovative circular business solutions – with its great chefs, cooks and restaurants in the build up to COP26.

Giovanna Eusebi, Glasgow

"By coming together, we can rebuild our local economies, our businesses and learn together to become more sustainable and ultimately more profitable."

Giovanna Eusebi, Eusebi's Deli & Restaurant

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Craig Martin

"This campaign is going to help the recovery of the city and of our sector."

Craig Martin, Chair of Experience Glasgow Food & Drink and Head of HR Operations at C&C Group

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Meet the faces behind the campaign

Get to know the people of Glasgow making the city's food scene more sustainable. They share their tips, stories - and who's got the best staff food!

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