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Poke bowls, salads and soups

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Find them at: 23 Renfield Street, GlasgowG2 5AH

What it's all about:

In short, bowls! Opening just months before the first lockdown, Bowl was fast becoming a favourite city lunch spot. Offering seasonal and fresh salad bowls and poke bowls, made up from fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables delivered every morning from the market, Bowl injects a welcome dose of excitement to the office lunch break. Cakes and sweet treats are also made in-house and can be washed down with Glasgow’s Grain and Grind coffee.

Example* 'Food Hero' dish:
Indian leftover leaves soup with cumin croutons and curry oil

What makes it a 'Food Hero' dish?

Leftover spinach and rocket leaves are saved from a fate of perishing in the fridge, and are instead rejuvenated in this lightly spiced Indian soup. As well as saving the salad, any ‘next day’ bread is toasted with curry oil and cumin seeds and served as an aromatic cumin crouton. A perfect winter warmer as the days get shorter and the Glasgow weather gets even less forgiving!

Please bear in mind...

*Dining options showcased on the Plate up for Glasgow site are examples only, and are subject to change.

Please bear in mind that as a food waste campaign that focuses on using surplus ingredients, dining options may change regularly. We think this is something that should be celebrated – although it does make it difficult to know in advance which options you’ll be able to choose  from, or their availability. So when it’s gone, it’s gone. And when it’s gone, there’s no waste!

Participating venues are responsible for showcasing their own daily dining offers throughout the campaign period. We would strongly recommend contacting them directly to confirm details and availability before your visit to avoid disappointment.

Due to the nature of this campaign, catering for all dietary requirements may be limited. However, we have done our best to cater for as many needs as we can.

And of course, dining options are never created with ingredients that are past their sell-by date. “Leftover” food is just food that is surplus or unsold, which unfortunately happens all too often along food supply chains.

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