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Hospitality Toolkit

Tools and Resources

To support you and your business on your Plate up for Glasgow campaign journey, we’ve rounded up some of the best food waste resources that we thought would come in handy along the way.

These tools and resources cover everything from the practical (waste recording charts and profit saving calculator), to further food waste tips and tricks from familiar faces. We’ve also included a couple of inspiring case studies from other businesses who have reaped the rewards of reducing their food waste, as well as some pioneering zero waste restaurants and bars from around the world.

Guardians of Grub 7 Day Food Waste Tracking Sheet

This weekly printable tracking sheet allows you to chart food waste from spoilage, prep and customer plates. Keeping a record of daily waste is important for highlighting the amount of food wasted, as well as any trends in recurring foodstuffs - helping you suss out where changes would be most effective.

Guardians of Grub Food Waste Calculator and Calculator Guide

Surely one of the most satisfying elements to reducing food waste is seeing how much cash you’ve saved. Provided by Zero Waste Scotland, this calculator is an intuitive tool which calculates your financial savings based on weight of waste you enter. We’ve also included a handy guide to using the calculator if the thought of a spreadsheet makes you feel a bit queasy.

SCRAPS, Gary Maclean and Glasgow Science Centre

National Chef of Scotland, Gary Maclean, is a real advocate for sustainable, seasonal and low waste cooking. Last year he teamed up with the Science Centre as part of their mission to reduce the city’s food waste. Filmed in his kitchen by his daughter, Gary cooks up dishes from food that is normally otherwise wasted.

Zero Waste Scotland – Save Food, Save Money

This video features numerous food businesses from around Scotland, all talking about the challenge of food waste. In it, business owners share their experiences of the in-house changes they’ve made that have saved them food, time and money.

Love Food Hate Waste (Scotland)

WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign is the UK’s best known anti-food waste campaign and their website is choc-a-bloc with advice, kitchen hacks and resources. Their Scotland focused page has some brilliant content in line with our government legislation and a recipe generator based on the food you need used ASAP.

Food Save – Foxlow case study

FoodSave is a food waste reduction initiative working with food businesses based in London. Here, they outlined how small changes resulted in substantial financial savings for the restaurant Foxlow.

Circular Glasgow – Jaw Brew case study

Much closer to home, Circular Glasgow showcases how local brewery Jaw Brew sought to harness bakery food waste and use it as a component in one of their craft beers. Spent grain waste from the brewing process can even be sent back to the bakery to bake artisan bread. Now that is circular!

Ellen MacArthur Foundation – The Food Initiative

Undoubtedly one of the leading voices in circular, zero-waste thinking, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation puts food waste into a global social and environmental context, and highlights the important role cities play in rewriting our future food systems for a more sustainable way of life.

Missed your chance to take part in Plate up for Glasgow?

Don’t panic! While the campaign might have officially ended, we’re still keen to encourage businesses in their long-term food waste reduction ambitions.

Why not check out the Hospitality Toolkit and challenge your team to come up with your own waste saving offering for your menu?

Have you given it a go? Don’t forget to tell us so we can share your story. Looking for further support? Drop us a line at: to see how we can help.

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